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I created this food blog to strive to help you answer the question “Hmmmm…. what should I eat today?”

Dr. Leslie Tay, iEat iShoot iPost

Interview with Dr. Tay of iEat iShoot iPost
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?

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What is your definition of an ideal/perfect meal?

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Food from which Asian country do you like the most?

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What advice would you give to other bloggers who just started their own food blog?

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What do you wish to see more or less of the food blogging community?

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Editor Review of iEat iShoot iPost

iEat iShoot iPost is a blog of Dr. Leslie Tay, who spent a decade exploring the hawker food in Singapore and publishing his stories and pictures. The blog grows and features in numerous publications and TV programs. Dr. Leslie co-hosted TV series “8 Days Eat” on national television, published books on Singapore food, and had some exhibitions as a photographer.

Dr. Tay is a successful food blogger and a recognized figure in Singapore food industry. His blog gets 160,000 visitors averagely a month, and his social profiles are strong, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Alongside all this, Dr. Tay is a family doctor and practices at Karri Family Clinic in Tampines.

Visual Appeal – 93%

iEat iShoot iPost blog has beautiful, sleek and professional design, with easy to navigate, mobile responsive and optimized setup with masonry blog collage style. The right sidebar is not packed with a lot of stuff, just some interesting and helpful sections, like Instagram feed, Facebook feed, “Food Finder” coded search engine, and explanations of icon emblems awarded to posts and meals featured in posts.

In terms of photography, the work done on this website is top-notch. Focus on the plates are always eye catching, no distortions and comes with high quality lighting. Vivid colors and web optimization gives attractive edge to the posts, pages, and categories on the site. Each post begins with a big featured image, branded and refocused to convey attention directly from possible distractions or background to central focus, the meal. This is the classic use of low depth of field to bring out the focus of the main subject by blurring out the background.

Every article is decorated with plenty of images, who gives reader the experience like one was there and trying the meals with Dr. Tay.

Originality – 90%

On the originality score, iEat iShoot iPost gets high grade as well since it has video section, which has compelling as well as practical content offered to the wide audiences. One image is worth a thousand words, and one video is worth a hundred images.

Dr. Tay covers lot of categories in his blog, and you can find many different cuisines, combinations and unique recipes, as well as interesting videos and local food explanations and restaurant reviews.

Practical Tips – 92%

The videos on iEat iShoot iPost are interesting, well designed, and most of all, so useful. One can learn so much with Dr. Tay and apply the knowledge easily because the narrator shows everything on camera, and you can watch first hand on how to cook a 62 degree egg, or how to cook a steak, make Roti Prata aka Roti Canai. You just can’t be more practical, useful and inspirational than this.

Web Usability – 91%

Thin font, well balanced with big subheadings and lots of imagery, edited images with text on them, and dimmed white backgroud look really great. They are easy to read on, and engaging words keep you reading and consuming content. Again, great job well done.

Mobile theme looks great as well (with some lags on the first time loading) and navigation on the hamburger menu is well placed and designed. There is not too much to chose from but only the most important categories. If you want to find a specific small category to browse, the food finder is an excellent feature where you can refine the search by food type, location and opening hours. Hundreds of thousands of followers and returning visitors know what is good, and they keep returning to iEat iShoot iPost again and again.


Dr. Leslie Tay runs one exquisite food blog in Singapore. With years of experience and a team behind it probably, this site shows perfect example of how one successful food blog should look like. And we congratulate its author and his team for the accomplishments for establishing a recognisable brand in the food inudstry, and we happily bookmarked this site, and subscribed to it. Congratulations to Dr. Tay, on a terrific blog you have.

  • Author of 3 best-selling books on Singapore Food.
  • Finalist of Best Singapore Food Blog 2013 by Hotelclub
  • Co-hosted the 8-episode Singapore TV series “8 Days Eat” in 2013.
  • Held his own exhibition at Millenia Walk in 2013 on “street” food photography.
  • Delivered talks on Singapore’s Hawker Cuisine to international as well as local audiences.
  • Media Feature on

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • 8 Days Magazine
  • and more…

Average Score of iEat iShoot iPost – 91.5%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 94%
  • Website Design 92%



  • Uniqueness 89%
  • Creativeness 91%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 91%
  • Inspiration 93%


Web Usability

  • Readability 92%
  • Ease of Navigation 90%