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I love eating and a passion to share those wonderful foods that I have found in Penang to others which was why I created this blog.

Ken, Kenhuntfood

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Editor Review of Ken Hunts Food

Born and bred in Penang, Ken Hunts Food is a Penang food blog written by a true Penangite. The blog records Ken’s gastronomic journey in search of Penang’s greatest street food and finest eats. The site gives updates about events, restaurants, food, travel and even fashion.

The site runs on Blogger platform, and its audience on average reaches 35,000 visits monthly.

Visual Appeal – 73%

This site welcomes us with huge header noodle image with text on top describing the blog. At the first glance, we see outdated design. Dimmed white background, sidebar filled with lots of elements, and list of recent posts from Ken expects you on the site.

Ken tries to present the original state of the food. We don’t see much post process of the photos. They look natural and are not enhanced. However, he needs to brush up his photo taking skill. Besides improving the composition and angle, the camera needs to have a better setting for depth of field. The low F number has blurred out many details of the food, that makes the food appearance less enticing.

Originality – 81%

For over a two and a half years, Ken records his travels and food exploration of Penang, and shares the entries with his audience. Big amount of articles brings visitors really close to the food of Penang, and gives great insights and recommendations on where to go and what to visit. In the creativity side, there is nothing new and innovative that we can mention.

Practical Tips – 84%

On the side of practical tips, this blog offers more substantial value. Ken writes about Penang food in wide coverage. That brought the blog to the stage where visitors can read about almost any food in Penang. Honest opinions and reviews definitely gives you options and possibilities when you visit Penang to know where your favorite food is served.

Ken sometimes had special meals that we probably wouldn’t have considered trying. This blog really caters to all sorts of people with varying taste.

Web Usability – 79%

The site loads fast, thanks to the basic blogger template. Optimized images look average but they dominate the articles, with letters being sometimes a bit small to read. Ken’s writing is fine, describing the food and places well. Navigation is solved by huge list of categories listed on the sidebar and several buttons under the main header image (a bit too large for our taste).

Blogger updated the mobile versions of all sites hosted on the platform recently, improving overall looks and functionality.

There are not much items on the main menu, but big number of categories and elements clutter the sidebar. This is the area where this blog has an opportunity for advancement.


Ken runs a good blog and provides a lot of value for foodies interested in exploring Penang. His audience is not small, and that can be the reason for Ken to work harder and improve his blog.

Social following is another place where Ken needs to work on. On the other hand, the content written and presented on the blog is fine, and showcases the food nicely.

  • Cool Blog by Penang.ws
  • Media Feature on

  • Foodsion Magazine
  • Guest host for Media Prima’s program on NTV 7

Average Score of Ken Hunts Food – 79.25%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 79%
  • Website Design 67%



  • Uniqueness 82%
  • Creativeness 80%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 87%
  • Inspiration 83%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 80%
  • Ease of Navigation 78%