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Miss Tam Chiak is my serious hobby, which I will never give up.

Maureen, Miss Tam Chiak

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Editor Review of Miss Tam Chiak

Miss Tam Chiak is the name of the Singapore based travel & food blog, written and maintained by a food-craving blogger named Maureen.

When you go to Miss Tam Chiak, the first thing you’ll notice is a big and bright white background, with lovely slider featured with stunning pictures. Fast and sleek design responses well no matter which device you use, and high quality experience is guaranteed.

With 90,000 visitors monthly, Maureen draws a lot of attention to her blog with reviews, recipes, and travel dining experiences. Everything is lined up under the huge “MISS TAM CHIAK” logo where you can enter several sections of the blog like “About”, “Join SG Food Tour”, “Reviews”, “Recipes”, “Travel”, “index” and “Contact”

Visual Appeal – 90%

When you enter any category, or any post to read, you’ll be welcomed with large, crisp, and sharp image of the plate served, or some beautiful landscape, hotel sights, and a usual “Read More” button landing you to the article.

Maureen uses digital SLR system to capture this amazing pictures. Canon 7D with Canon 60mm Macro lens, Sigma 24-70mm walkabout lens, Canon 10-22mm Wide Angle Lens and Speedlite 430EX flash is the latest instalment according to her “About” page. That translates to whether it is a close-up food photo or a wide angle view of a small restaurant, Maureen has the right lenses to produce the perfect images.

In terms of web design, this site really looks clean and sleek. Fast loading times, good elements, responsive design and everything packed together nicely shows professionalism.

Originality – 86%

Google ranks Miss Tam Chiak as one of the top 3 places in the search results when you type in “Singapore Food Blog”. This most certainly means something. Maureen brings out thousands of recipes, and interesting articles literally make you click more, and your mouth water. Interesting articles about different types of food, places to eat, and different services are interesting and good looking.

Worth mentioning here is the special page about SG Food Tour crafted to suit foreign tourists and visitors, where customized itinerary gets you exploring special food locations. Unique and fun little addition to the blog.

Practical Tips – 89%

She brought the ordinary omelet recipe to a totally new level with her “Creating Simple Brunch using Perfect Italiano Cheeses”. Pictures are so beautiful. With the whole process broken down to simplest ingredients and techniques, this article made me want to make my “Italiano Omelet” right away. Recipes we browsed were all easy to prepare, creative, and brought out the new and interesting way to approach the old fashion meals.

She is actively replying to comments so you can get some good advice for everything that she had experienced.

Web Usability – 85%

Readability of the site is great. The responsive theme on WordPress platform gives smooth experience, with standard hamburger menu on the mobile version of the site. You can browse through categories, and on index, where all posts are lined up together.

Navigation is well developed, however not well organized. Since there are no sections categorized by the countries or food type, it is not easy to find all the food that Maureen had tried in a particular place. The tag label found in the articles helps in locating some categories but you have to browse through the list of articles to find the right category. What makes it worse is that the search feature is not working.

Readability is good, as the letters and background are in nice contrast.


MissTamChiak.com is a finely designed, well written and fresh blog with beautiful images as the first eye-catcher, and interesting articles as follow-up thing for readers to like.

No matter if you’re from Singapore and want to explore new places, or foreigner, you should definitely check out this blog.

    Media Feature on

  • i-weekly (2010, issue no 667)
  • Cuisine & Wine (Jan 2011)
  • Interviewed by Radio FM 100.3 in 2010
  • Weekly hawker column in My Paper (Jan 2011- Dec 2011)
  • Weekly food program with Daniel on Radio FM 100.3
  • Elle Magazine Nov 2012
  • Scoot Inflight Magazine December 2012

Average Score of Miss Tam Chiak – 87.5%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 92%
  • Website Design 88%



  • Uniqueness 88%
  • Creativeness 84%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 90%
  • Inspiration 88%


Web Usability

  • Readability 87%
  • Ease of Navigation 83%