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I truly believe that by making wholesome delicious food accessible to people of all backgrounds, the world becomes a better place.

Chef Marc, No Recipes

Interview with Chef Marc of No Recipes

What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?

Chef Marc: No Recipes isn’t about being anti-recipe, it’s about having a firm grasp of technique and the confidence to stray from recipes, adjusting them to suit your own tastes. That’s why people visiting my blog should expect to find simple, wholesome recipes that challenge the status quo while providing enough background and details to understand why I suggest you do things a certain way. Put another way, most recipes are like the instructions that come with an Ikea desk, at No Recipes, I strive to provide frameworks so you can build any desk, not just one specific model.

What is your definition of an ideal/perfect meal?

Chef Marc: For me, a perfect meal is both creative and well executed. Many restaurants do one or the other well, but it’s rare to find one that does both well.

Food from which Asian country do you like the most?

Chef Marc: That’s a really tough question, a bit like asking a parent which child they like best. I love the cuisines of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for their use of pungent spices, aromatics and citrus to produce an appetite enhancing balance of the five basic tastes. I feel equally strong about the many unique cuisines that make up the culinary repertoire of China; from the Central Asian influence in Xinjiang, to the “ma la” taste of Sichuan, to the seafood of Canton, Chinese food is an incredibly diverse cuisine. Of course there are the melting pots, like Singapore where Malay, Peranakan, Indian and Chinese influences come together in a tantelizing array of aromas and tastes. And then there is Japanese food, the cuisine I grew up eating, which will always have a place in my stomach.

What advice would you give to other bloggers who just started their own food blog?

Chef Marc: Your blog is your space so use it to write about what your passion is about, not what someone else says you should write about. The moment you stop writing what you want and start catering to your readers, PR firms or advertisers, you’re no long running a blog, it becomes a business.

What do you wish to see more or less of the food blogging community?

Chef Marc: When I first started blogging, food bloggers were a tight knit family that were passionate about sharing something they loved. There was no sense of competitiveness since we were all doing it as a hobby. It would be great to see a return to the golden age of food blogging when people cared more about each other and their next great meal than their UVs and CPMs.

Editor Review of No Recipes

No Recipes is a travel & food blog by Marc, a chef, photographer, blogger, service provider and restaurant consultant. The blog’s name is catchy and somewhat confusing since there are hundreds of recipes everywhere. But Marc explains it, telling that he creates food without any recipe at all, even though he writes about the ingredients and measurements to get started, and for people to use them to create Marc’s dishes.

We can browse the vast number of recipes on the blog (over 600), witness Marc’s travel experiences, and also shop for kitchen related products that Marc recommends and find more about him through social media.

For the food section, there is something for everybody. From American, British, and all-European food, to Middle East and Far East food culture, you can find interesting and beautiful recipes on NoRecipes.com

Visual Appeal – 89%

NoRecipes.com catches the eye with beautiful images on a fancy slider on the homepage. You can just stand and watch on those beautifully made meals slide in carrousel, and enjoy. Marc is a photographer as well, using Digital SLR camera to capture amazing photos, and quality of those is exceptional. Every recipe comes with beautiful crisp images, provoking mouthwatering reaction in people.

Marc runs his blog on WordPress using Headway premium theme with sleek white design and responsive layout. With some custom css coding, the site is maintained and designed well.

Originality – 94%

No Recipes has the slogan – make good food better.

Online since 2007, this blog is looking good. It covered really big amount of food related topics which can be a pretty large task to overcome.

Creative – side, this blog offers creative insights and unique meals you probably wouldn’t think of. Low-carb, gluten-free, and low-fat meals are featured on this blog, which can most certainly be recognized as advantage. With lovely imagery and nice responsive site, Marc met the industry standards of today.

Practical Tips – 92%

The readers have creative chef at their disposal, with hundreds of recipes to try and use for free. You can really spice up the kitchen’s experience, and impress the guests on the next dinner or lunch with home prepared specialty.

Weekly recipes give the readers inspiration for delicious meals with lovely combinations, as creative chef Marc shows the endless possibilities for dishes with easy explanations and lists of “what you’ll need”.

Web Usability – 85%

This blog runs on WordPress with premium theme. User experience is on the high level. One sidebar to the right side gives visitors a welcome message, and some useful info, with popular recipes. The main page of the blog is decorated with beautiful slider, where every slide takes you to the meal presented with a big “Continue” button.

The menu is divided in 5 sections, where you can move over to expand the menu item to more options beneath. Lots of categories are listed, so people won’t have trouble navigating to the desired destination. Navigation is easy and well organized.

Readability of texts in the articles is great, as contrast of the soft white background and dark grey letters match well. (A little increase in letter size should be considered)


No Recipes is a fine food blog, well maintained and nicely designed. The theme is old, but professional and well developed. Like we mentioned, nothing new or unseen in the industry and no new design concepts. Design-wise, this blog is running the “what works good don’t change it” policy.

Beautiful images, and creative meals make No Recipes a fine destination for one looking for a new meals to try.

  • Writer for PBS Food
  • Media Feature on

  • Booze Traveler: Japan
  • Chopped Season 7
  • Grill It! with Bobby Flay Season 3
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Japan Times
  • Korea Daily
  • USA Today

Average Score of No Recipes – 90%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 91%
  • Website Design 87%



  • Uniqueness 93%
  • Creativeness 95%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 91%
  • Inspiration 93%


Web Usability

  • Readability 86%
  • Ease of Navigation 84%