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I believe in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. At home, I am into fruit and vegetable juicing.

Jill Bantang, The Food Scout

Interview with Jill of The Food Scout
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?

Jill: answer…

What is your definition of an ideal/perfect meal?

Jill: answer…

Food from which Asian country do you like the most?

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What advice would you give to other bloggers who just started their own food blog?

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What do you wish to see more or less of the food blogging community?

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Editor Review of The Food Scout

The Food Scout is a food and lifestyle blog from the Philippines written by Jill Bantang, a blogger, adventurist, travel junkie, sport enthusiast, skin care fanatic and proud servant of God.

Since 2011, the Food Scout blog gives the readers insights on great meals, travel experiences, adventures, beauty tips, health and life advices and interesting articles, promotions of products, giveaways and more.

This blog is quite popular in the Philippines, earning several blogging awards since 2011. She has strong social following and her blog is featured on many places around the web, and Jill herself, being a Dove girl of 2011, many TV appearances, magazine features, and many other. Jill has over 56,000 followers on Facebook alone.

Visual Appeal – 83%

The homepage of the blog welcomes us with big slider featuring beautiful, vivid imagery with unproportional size, showing most recent featured articles. There are small thumbnails under the slider to browse as well. The images are sharp, big, and colorful, and they nest on the bright white background. The right sidebar shows some adverts, subscription form, and some advertising space available for rent. The footer is black, and some letters aren’t fit well here (Facebook “page like” plugin). Big images feature each article and they are not clickable, so to enter the article you need to click on the headline to enter it.

The images truly look gorgeous, and provoke mouthwatering for sure. The letters are really thin, which sometimes look bit odd and hard to read on the bright white background. (If your contrast is big, you’ll really have difficulties reading)

Originality – 82%

The Food Scout blog shares useful information with readers, about places to eat, products to try, destinations to travel to, and adventures to read and inspire. It is a well-rounded concept where the readers can find interesting stuff they didn’t know as well as travelers who would like to explore this country.

The travel section offers travel articles of destinations and attractions of Asian countries. Overall impression for the blog is that Jill could be more focused since there are so much categories on her site. This wide, but shallow approach is not recommended as it requires a lot of work, where quantity goes up but quality is going down.

Practical Tips – 82%

People visiting The Food Scout can find many interesting things to read, and explore. Everything tourist related is incorporated in this witty blog. Great food in Philippines? You got it. Beauty products? Over here. How to prepare healthy meals – here as well.

Beauty advice and beauty products and salons reviewed, as well as services provided and products tested articles show visitors lot of possibilities and advantages. Many of the articles give all the info about the service providers, their location and phone numbers.

Web Usability – 77%

The Food Scout blog has some technical difficulties, and some space for improvement. The site is not mobile responsive at all, and as before mentioned, issues with fonts and readability should make this blog much more pleasant to read and spend time on.

Navigation on this site could be improved as well. With lots of categories to browse on, readers can easily get distracted and click away. Also, this issue is more obvious on the mobile phones as the site’s layout is the same when you load it on mobile device. In today’s world, unacceptable.


The Food Scout Blog is overall a fine and quality blog with lots of interesting articles and content to keep readers interested. From the technical side, Jill should work on some improvements, to make the blog mobile usable, and some design changes could really make the difference and make the experience reading this blog much better.

  • Finalist of The Philippine Best Food & Beverage Blog 2011
  • Media Feature on

  • GMA News TV’s Pop Talk Guest
  • Chinoy TV
  • ABS-CBN’s Rated K
  • Breakfast Magazine
  • Metro Society Magazine
  • Daily Inquirer Newspaper

Average Score of The Food Scout – 81%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 82%
  • Web Design 84%



  • Uniqueness 84%
  • Creativeness 80%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 84%
  • Inspiration 80%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 79%
  • Ease of Navigation 75%