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We’ve been bitten by the travel bug in recent years so we now long for a life of non-stop travel and adventure. And of course, lots and lots and lots of eating.

JB & Renée, Will Fly For Food

Interview with JB & Renée of Will Fly For Food

What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?

JB & Renée: Comprehensive travel information that’s well-presented and easy to digest. From where to eat, to what to do, to how much money to bring, my goal is to make each travel guide a one-stop resource for would-be travelers. Despite our shift to a more travel-centric food blog, people can still expect Renee’s delicious recipes because that’s always been the backbone of our blog. Food, after all, takes you places.

What is your definition of an ideal/perfect meal?

JB & Renée: Something made from the heart. You can tell if a dish was made with love because you can really taste it. It’s unquantifiable but essential.

Food from which Asian country do you like the most?

JB & Renée: That’s easy, Japan! I LOVE sushi so Japanese cuisine is easily my favorite, with Indian being a distant second. Renee isn’t as fond of Asian cuisine as I am but if she were to choose one, then it would be Japanese as well.

What advice would you give to other bloggers who just started their own food blog?

JB & Renée: Be authentic, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. People aren’t stupid. They’ll see right through it.

What do you wish to see more or less of the food blogging community?

JB & Renée: More honest blogging. I feel that some newer bloggers get into it for the promise of free meals. Whether they like to admit it or not, it influences how and what they write. As they say, there’s no such thing as a free meal.

What are your top 5 bucket list destinations?

JB: Cuba, Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, Bhutan, Peru

Renée: Egypt, Madagascar, Scotland, Bolivia, Cuba

What would your last meal be?

JB: Sushi! Either an omakase experience by a top Japanese chef or a kaiten-zushi meal. I love being able to grab whatever I want whenever I want.

Renée: Anything with foie gras and truffles

Editor Review of Will Fly For Food

Will Fly for Food blog is run by JB & Renée from The Philippines who called themselves the “traveleaters”. This is a blog oriented to gastronomically inclined people with passion for both food and traveling. The couple shares their stories with wide audience of average 30,000 visitors a month. This blog was formerly known as “The Sushi Bites” which was first launched in 2004.

Let’s see how the blog scores on different parts of our review:

Visual Appeal – 89%

The site had major overhaul recently, and the redesign was done well. New blue theme with content blocks is different from a regular food/travel blog, and it looks interesting and fine. The theme has a left sidebar, populated by useful stuff and menu, and blocks on the right align in an endless carrousel when you scroll without any footer. A fine refreshment can be found in the sea of content blocks. Photos are taken semi-professionally, with some of high quality, and some medium. They’re fine to watch and they enrich the interesting content JB & Renée provide.

Originality – 86%

The way of presentation of the blog is witty, playful and enthusiastic. The site has that kind of vibe when you immerse in the posts and content of Will Fly for Food blog. They name the categories in a catchy way, for example – traveling section is entitled “When We Travel”, which indicates when JB & Renée travel, they visit the listed locations. “Funny thing happened” section is interesting and brings value to the readers, as the authors tell funny and unexpected stories from their travels, and display unique and entertaining happenings. Even though it’s not populated a lot, this section is great to read when you’re up for something off the beaten path.

JB & Renée had a lot of adventures, and reviewed some quality food. The way they describe specialties eaten will make you want to go there and taste it yourself.

Practical Tips – 87%

Will Fly for Food gives advice on getting a Visa for different countries, high-quality guides for destinations in Asia, and numerous recipes and food reviews. For the categories they cover, you will find abundance of interesting content to read, and even print out and use when you’re traveling to the locations. Yes, you’ll get inspired to visit some of those when you spend some time on this blog. Witty contemplating, and picturesque writing adds up to the value you’ll get when you subscribe to this blog.

Web Usability – 87%

Good font, fine colors, and dimmed white background score well on our readability score. And fine writing of JB & Renée adds value and allures you to read more. Site’s optimization is done professionally, as the site loads decently fast. Navigation is well-designed, and no clutter or ads that would ruin the experience. Another good score for Will Fly for Food blog.


Will Fly for Food blog showcases quality, diversity and entertaining content. Great design, fine writing and content that goes “inch wide, mile deep” provides value for the readers. Go and visit this blog, you’ll see for yourself how good bloggers JB & Renée are. We subscribed to the newsletter, and look forward to their upcoming articles!

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  • Huffington Post Living Canada
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  • Bon Appétit

Average Score of Will Fly For Food – 87.25%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 90%
  • Website Design 88%



  • Uniqueness 87%
  • Creativeness 85%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 87%
  • Inspiration 87%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 86%
  • Ease of Navigation 88%