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Irene Travelogue

Interview with Rosemarie from Travel and Beyond
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?

Rosemarie: answer…

Be it good or bad, which Asian city/town left you the deepest impression? And why?

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What is your definition of an ideal/perfect holiday?

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What advice would you give to other travellers who will be starting their own blog?

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What do you wish to see more or less of the travel blogging community?

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Editor Review of Irene Travelogue

“Every Trip is a Voyage of Discovery”, says Irene from Irene-Travelogue.

And we do agree. This is a travel log of Irene, a Singapore girl enjoying the life of travels, and trying new stuff, meeting people and discovering destinations. Irene is a young, positive and cheerful girl, showing of her travels and running a blog that is on the rise. Singaporean is the main audience, and 8,000 monthly visitors on average show interest in her travel logs. Irene-Travelogue is a little more than three years old website, and with 3:19 overall time on site, Irene draws many visitors to read and enjoy her articles.

We spent some time on this blog, here are the results and grades.

Visual Appeal – 72%

Irene and some camels in front of the Egypt’s pyramids salute you when you land on Irene-Travelogue.com. Light blue color on white background shows the sorted categories in horizontal menu beneath the header image. There is a flower contrast pattern beneath the white background as well.

WordPress installation with Yoko theme looks fine, and it showcase standard right sidebar, with some usual widgets to click on. You can subscribe to the blog by email, connect on social, and see awards that this blog earned. Nothing revolutionary, and industry standards met.

Images comprises a huge part of this blog. Irene showcases lovely destinations with dozens of pictures, all of them optimized for web with fast loading time. There are smartphone selfies featured as well. Some of the photos does not have good light balance and the focus is out, which Irene needs to brush up her photo shooting skill.

Originality – 76%

Irene shows us her logs of travels, often featuring only image or two. Writing is not a stronger side of this blog, but articles on experiences are good.

There are interesting posts featuring rock and roll legends, and unique sights on average sites that one might miss when traveling to specific location.

Irene traveled a lot in the last three years and featured everything on this blog, giving the readers a feel of her life on the road exploring Europe, North America, and Asian countries. When making a travel bucket list, you can find some lovely ideas on Irene’s blog to add, and visit. Irene visits interesting and fun places, as well as major tourist attractions.

Practical Tips – 79%

This blog can awake the desire in you to visit places Irene featured. Vivid images show the best in Irene’s itineraries, and there are explanations on the locations, and how she felt, and what it was like visiting them.

Irene gives unusual places to visit in the well-known (and sometimes over commercial) attractions. For example, San Francisco’s Golden Gate is featured in the fun and interesting way, via biking and having fun with friends.

Web Usability – 83%

Yolo theme on WordPress is sleek, loads fast but looks too simplified. The missing of a logo is a minus for Irene, but not a big one. On the readability score, this site preformed on average level.

Navigation links are grouped by regions. When there are more new sections, Irene should consider revamping and rearranging the items in a more organized way. For now, they’re good.


Irene Travelogue blog is interesting, fun blog showcasing travel experiences of a girl enjoying a travel life, discovering new and interesting places, and giving readers ideas on what to add to their travel bucket lists. With technical improvements (theme upgrade and photo skill) and putting more focus on the travel experiences, this site will be even better, and we look forward to the positive changes.

  • Finalist of Singapore Best Travel Blog 2013

Average Score of Irene Travelogue – 77.5%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 68%
  • Website Design 76%



  • Uniqueness 74%
  • Creativeness 78%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 77%
  • Inspiration 81%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 82%
  • Ease of Navigation 84%