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My goal is to inspire a new way of looking at traveling and impart the open-mindedness to you the way that traveling has imparted this mindset to me. Bino, I Wandered

Interview with Rosemarie from Travel and Beyond
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?
Rosemarie: answer…

Be it good or bad, which Asian city/town left you the deepest impression? And why?
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What is your definition of an ideal/perfect holiday?
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What advice would you give to other travellers who will be starting their own blog?
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What do you wish to see more or less of the travel blogging community?
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Editor Review of I Wandered

A young 20-something Bino created a travel blog to share some unique and amazing places he visited, and to provide reliable information about those. Bino is a part time traveler and since he’s working full-time, he gets the same question a lot of times, so he wrote a blog post about it – How to travel extensively while maintaining a full time job.

I Wandered was featured on some big sites online, including Lonely Planet, and Nat Geo Travel. Averaging 12,000 monthly visitors in the last few months, this blog shows some potential.

How did the I Wandered blog do in our scores table? Let’s see.

Visual Appeal – 83%

I Wandered blog is built on WordPress, with a professional theme called Metro. This is an old theme from Studiopress and the layout looks a bit outdated. But still, it differentiates from a lots of other newbie bloggers. The theme is responsive and mobile optimized, a positive point for Bino’s blog.

Green background with white and dark gray blocks fit well. The site has a small slider and a number of buttons put together under a moderately-sized header image showing travel experiences and a guy in a military suit, maybe a relative of Bino, or a guy Bino met during his travels. The categories are placed in a bit odd way, which could see some improvement.

In terms of photography, the images displayed on the site are optimized for bandwidth, medium in size and load up fast. The images are nice and have good composition. However, some images tend to be underexposed and not sharp enough.

Originality – 84%

Bino shows us his travel accomplishments through his blog on the casual, and easy to follow way. The places he visited are looking exciting and fun. Every part of the article gets a good showcase of images and the experiences are described in detail like how to get to the specified destination, what are the fees, and what was most interesting for Bino there.

The writing is in conversational tone and narrative most of the time. There are some standard descriptive articles, and some creative ideas as well. And readers commenting definitely confirm this.

Practical Tips – 87%

In his guides, Bino gives the practical and useful info on the destination, how to get there, and what are the fees. That is well appreciated, and it scores some positive points. One thing to mention, on every article, you’ll find some info from the local, or something known as locality custom. This means Bino tries to blend in with the locals, and puts a lot of value into the articles. That results in good info and useful stuff for readers to apply on their next visit to the destination.

Web Usability – 83%

Classic white background with classic font looks a bit outdated, but readable. The subheadings and titles are looking great, and the site widgets are well placed (not crowded with awards, banners, and loads of categories).
Mobile layout for this site exists and there is a button on the site for mobile site ON/OFF. The header menu for the mobile version has too many categories to pick that reader can be a bit overwhelmed.


The I Wandered blog is a fine written, and good maintained blog, and his author Bino is showing the world that the part time blogging is possible, and attainable. With steady work, and effort, this blog can rise, and reach much more success.

  • Winner of Singapore Skyscanner Bloscars Award 2014
  • Skyscanner Asia Pacific Best Travel Blog of the Year 2014
  • Finalist of Singapore Best Travel Blog Awards 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Best Singapore Blog 2013 by HotelClub
  • Finalist of 2014 Blogster Awards in Australia
  • Media Feature on

  • National Geographic
  • CNN
  • New Straits Times
  • Jakarta Post
  • Airline magazine of Silkair, Jetstar, Tigerair
  • and more…

Average Score of I Wandered – 84.25%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 86%
  • Website Design 80%



  • Uniqueness 85%
  • Creativeness 83%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 89%
  • Inspiration 85%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 83%
  • Ease of Navigation 83%