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I treads all the regular byways of the metros and the not-so-regular places far beyond the city limits. Wanting to see everything, I’d rather walk than take a ride.

Christian, Lakadpilipinas

Interview with Christian from Lakadpilipinas
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?
Christian: answer…

Be it good or bad, which Asian city/town left you the deepest impression? And why?
Christian: answer…
What is your definition of an ideal/perfect holiday?
Christian: answer…
What advice would you give to other travellers who will be starting their own blog?
Christian: answer…
What do you wish to see more or less of the travel blogging community?
Christian: answer…
Editor Review of Lakad Pilipinas

Lakad Pilipinas is a Philippine travel blog by Christian Lucas Sangoyo, started as a hobby, and then got a life of its own. Christian shares his two biggest passions in life: travel and photography. And with 30,000 visitors a month, there is definitely people who follow his work and enjoy consuming his content.

Comparing with other travel sites, the average time spent on the site for Lakad Pilipinas gets very good result – 2:19 min. That means Christian is a quality writer, and that his articles and stories are interesting, and keep readers to the end of each article.

Let’s see how Lakad Pilipinas got ranked on our grading scale.

Visual Appeal – 90%

When you come to the blog for the first time, you are greeted by nice and interesting logo-combined title, with dimmed colors of green, orange, and black. Interesting fact about this site is a number of letters put together beneath categories and the title itself. A slider is inevitable on the homepage, just like an industry standard, and Christian follows that, showing us some travel guides to choose from. The right sidebar offers lots of categories with those characteristic letters beneath the titles, which really got me thinking what they would mean. Good job on keeping the attention of the reader, Chris! There are some minuses on the design side, but later on that.

Christian is also a professional photographer. His work on the site is exceptional. All the images are of high quality, high focus, and retouched coloring with crisp details. He even has “Photography 101” as a category on the site, where he teaches fundamentals of the photography skill.

F-Ratio on every image is held up to perfection, great exposure everywhere, and very low diffraction, or well-toned quantities if there is a necessity for it (when there are lot of lights on the image, and you’ll find those on Lakad Pilipinas)

Originality – 83%

On Lakad Pilipinas, one can find plenty different stuff, from city attraction guides to food trips and architecture articles among others. Christian is bringing the Philippines and his travels to the readers at interesting ways, and his articles are engaging. The number of comments under almost every article shows that he provokes people to respond and interact with him. This is creative enough to be a proven fact that Christian’s writing and his content overall, provokes people to interact with this site, and subscribe to his email list, or join his social following.

Practical Tips – 87%

The articles on this blog are bringing Christian’s travel experiences close to people, and you can learn a lot about the destination if you’re interested or planning to visit. Good section for useful stuff is on the “Souvenirs”, where you can get advice on where to buy unique and fascinating souvenirs in your travels. This is a handy category to learn what to get on a specific location. For example, mini Katana from Japan are amazing, and if you’re planning on visiting Japan and don’t have budget for a real size sword (could be a problem on the customs in airports), you can get a smaller one way cheaper. Great, interesting, and handy advice, inspiring as well. If I get to Japan, I’m definitely getting one of those.

Web Usability – 85%

Dimmed white background works well on the readability, combined with greenish font. Absolutely stunning pictures are great to watch, and Christian’s writing style is astounding. Navigationally, there are quite a number of categories to choose from.

But then, the site is not optimized well for mobile devices and that can mess up the final score. However, the quality of content published is high enough to stick readers’ eyes on the screen, no matter which screen they use.


Lakad Pilipinas is a creative, well made and maintained site showing people the beauty of Asian countries (and some others as well). Lovely imagery and interesting articles will pin you to the screen and reading, and useful advice can make your trip to the desired location even better. With small corrections to the mobile responsiveness, this blog would go even further in blogosphere. Keep up the good job, Christian!

  • Finalist of Skyscanner Travel Blog of the Year 2014
  • Finalist of Globe Tatt Best Photo Blog 2013
  • PBA Best Luzon Travel Blog 2011
  • PBA Best Luzon Photo Blog 2011
  • Winner or Finalist in Photo Contests

  • Immunizers Travel Shot Photo Contest 2008
  • Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2009,2010
  • Canon Photo Marathon P&S Category 2010, 2014
  • IMAG Magazine I-Challenge
  • and more…

Average Score of Lakadpilipinas – 86.25%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 94%
  • Web Design 86%



  • Uniqueness 84%
  • Creativeness 82%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 86%
  • Inspiration 88%


Web Usability

  • Readability 87%
  • Ease of Navigation 83%