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Good things are meant to be shared. So with this blog, we wish to share with readers places with good food, and bring smiles to everyone.

Summerkid & Summergirl, Malaysian Flavours

Interview with Rosemarie from Travel and Beyond
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?

Rosemarie: answer…

Be it good or bad, which Asian city/town left you the deepest impression? And why?

Rosemarie: answer…

What is your definition of an ideal/perfect holiday?

Rosemarie: answer…

What advice would you give to other travellers who will be starting their own blog?

Rosemarie: answer…

What do you wish to see more or less of the travel blogging community?

Rosemarie: answer…

Editor Review of Malaysian Flavours

Malaysian Flavours is a food & travel blog written and managed by a Malaysian couple who call themselves Summergirl & Summerkid. They have the passion about food, traveling, photography and writing, so they combined everything they love to make this blog. The blog is maintained well; social following and number of returning visitors shows us this fact the best. Malaysian Flavours has more than 7000 social followers on Facebook, and 30,000 average monthly visits. Pretty good for a small project that started out of love for food, travel, photography and writing.

The authors offer travel articles covering lots of food reviews & news, hotel reviews and events. Let’s see how this site ranked on our grading system.

Visual Appeal – 85%

On the first sight, this site looks fine. Lots of fine images occupy your eyes from the start and gives you the insights of the latest venues authors visited and reviewed. There are food articles, with vivid images describing the meals, and news from food industry in Malaysia and around.

The sidebar offers buffet guide, coffee & brunch guide, and “about us” block. WordPress theme used for this site is custom coded, and designed well.

The photos look sharp and with good composition. Colors are under saturated sometimes, making them more natural and well balanced; zoomed food makes your mouth water. Footer is empty, something rarely seen nowadays.

Originality – 72%

On the creativity side, this blog offers fine art of photography and interesting articles. Summer couple reviews places and tours, suggest possible vacation locations and show you the great food of Malaysia. Their articles are formatted well, and decorated with lovely images that showcase the topic good, sticking the readers to read. We grade uniqueness mediocre and creativeness above mediocre.

Practical Tips – 80%

This website provides a lot of food oriented reviews and showcases interesting places that you might not know about. So if you’re up for traveling, exploring and enjoying Malaysian food and culture, this site will give you a lot.

All the photos are linked to their Flickr account where you can browse all the pictures they took.

Even though there are not many places being covered, for places that they visited, Summerkid and Summergirl recorded their experience in detailed ways. We hope to see they travel more and broaden the travel topics.

web Usability – 84%

The site is optimized and loads fast. Same goes with the mobile version.

In terms of readability, this website showcases a lot of quality images, with small text paragraphs, which were easy to read. Navigationally, site operates fine. No clutter, and over stuffing with many entries, blocks, and ads.


The Malaysian Flavours is a fine, interesting blog that offers lot of reviews useful for the foodies. Fine design, responsive theme and fast loading will contribute to the growth of this website. After further review, there are some places for improvement, but not very significant. We’re looking forward to reading more of their future travel experience.

    Coming soon…

Average Score of Malaysian Flavours – 80.25%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 89%
  • Website Design 81%



  • Uniqueness 70%
  • Creativeness 74%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 82%
  • Inspiration 78%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 84%
  • Ease of Navigation 84%