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We’re geographically challenged. Clumsy. Accident-prone. No wonder we always find ourselves in trouble. The only thing we share with most travelers is the drive to see the world.

Yoshke & Vins, The Poor Traveler

Interview with Rosemarie from Travel and Beyond
What should your visitors be expecting while researching your blog?
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Be it good or bad, which Asian city/town left you the deepest impression? And why?
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What is your definition of an ideal/perfect holiday?
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What advice would you give to other travellers who will be starting their own blog?
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What do you wish to see more or less of the travel blogging community?
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Editor Review of The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler is one of the most successful and influencing blogs in Asia. With creative way to tell the story, two tech savvy guys with travel passion teamed up for a project that started just as a collection of odd happenings and bad luck they had on their travels. With time passing by, they managed to raise the level, and become one of the strongest blogs in the travel industry. Mentioned in countless websites, featured in loads of magazines, and appearing on many TV shows, The Poor Traveler went to become among the top travel brands. Many successful campaigns with travel giants around the world testify that. Today, we bring you the review of the brand and break it down to ground level. Let’s dive in.

Visual Appeal – 90%

This site looks different than average travel blog, for sure. The founders, Vince Carlos and Yoshke Dimen both are tech savvy guys, and they know how to do a good job. ~200.000 visitors a month are enough proof to see that this one is something else.

Web design of the blog is responsive, well placed and optimized, with quick load speed and mobile responsive theme on WordPress platform. Site is built with masonry blog entries, which is definitely different, and refreshing to look at. Imagery is also looking crisp and beautiful, and with high contrast and vivid colors, every block inspires you to click on.

Originality – 90%

The Poor Traveler blog covers lot of the travel destinations in the Middle East, some European destinations, and Australia. The click on the specific location brings you to the specific page which lists posts in that category – UK page has 2 interesting posts to read on for example, etc.

The way Yoshke and Vince present the topics of their articles Is fun to read, decorated with lovely imagery, and each article will greet you with big cover featured image.

The story behind this blog is pretty different and unique. Yoshke and Vince were having so much bad luck on their travels, that they got an idea to start a web journal about their troubles. Every time they were traveling somewhere, something odd would break up the plan. Imagine you book a boat trip, and the boat man does not show up, and you have to walk through unknown terrain for several hours. Or you’re in your room, and about to explore Tokyo, and ice cold rain cancels your plans.

Practical Tips – 93%

The Poor Traveler gives readers ideas and insights of fine places to stay, attractions to visit, and adventures to explore to make sure your investments in travel experiences would be the best ones. This is not a cheap travel blog; this is a travel blog that brings more value to you for the same price.

You will always find some good advice on what to do, where to go, and why an attraction is good and worth the money, or isn’t. With beautiful and big images, you’ll be inspired to visit those places you probably didn’t know about before as well. Overall usefulness & inspiration grade for this blog would be high, since we all look to have the best experience on the destinations we visit.

Web Usability – 89%

Fancy letters at subheadings, colorful boxes, odd color of links (yellow), stunning pictures keep your eyes at the screen consuming the content Yoshke and Vince publish on The Poor Traveler blog. And your experience visiting this blog will be great no matter which device you use to access the site. Fast loading times, and responsive design really deserve high grades. The mobile “hamburger” menu gives you options of selecting the destinations, which are separated in segments by location, and they’re arranged well. Another great grade for The Poor Traveler.


It was a pleasure visiting and browsing this site. Yoshke and Vince set the standards for the travel bloggers on the quality and design aspect. Articles are well written and formatted, with modern look and eye-catchy elements they stick you to the article. We would highly recommend this blog to anyone, from the Philippines or around the world.

Country: Philippines

  • Top 25 Budget Travel Blogger 2014 by Flipkey
  • Finalist of Best Travel Blog 2014 by Wanderu
  • Top 50 Travel Blog 2014 by Travelocafe
  • Top 50 Travel Blog 2014 by Theexpeditioner
  • Top Facebook Page 2012 by Socialbakers
  • Media Feature on

  • BBC World
  • Travel Now Magazine
  • Navigator Magazine
  • Avida Living Magazine
  • La Isla Magazine
  • Cruising Magazine
  • Leisure + Adventure Magazine
  • Mabuhay & Smile Inflight Magazine

Average Score of The Poor Traveler – 90.5%


Visual Appeal

  • Photography 92%
  • Website Design 88%



  • Uniqueness 89%
  • Creativeness 91%


Practical Tips

  • Usefulness 94%
  • Inspiration 92%


Ease of Navigation

  • Readability 89%
  • Ease of Navigation 89%